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We are the Manufacturer of CHICKEN MESH

A Chicken Mesh known as chicken wire or poultry netting is frequently used to contain poultry, such as hens, in a run or coop. It is comprised of hexagonally spaced, thin, flexible galvanised steel wire.

The thinness and zinc content of galvanised wire may not be good for animals that are prone to gnawing and will not keep out predators, however chicken wire is occasionally used to construct affordable enclosures for tiny animals (or to protect plants and property from animals).

Applications of CHAIN LINK FENCE

  1. Fencing: Chicken mesh is commonly used to create a fence around a chicken coop or other animal enclosure. It can also be used as a temporary fencing solution for gardens or construction sites.
  2. Gardening: Chicken mesh can be used as a trellis for climbing plants or to protect plants from birds and other animals. It can also be used to create a compost bin or to support a raised garden bed.
  3. Home improvement: Chicken mesh can be used to reinforce plaster walls, as a support for stucco, or as a base for tile installation.
  4. Arts and crafts: Chicken mesh can be used as a base for sculpting or as a material for creating 3D structures in art projects.
  5. Security: Chicken mesh can be used to reinforce doors and windows, or as a barrier to prevent intruders from entering a property.
  6. Industrial uses: Chicken mesh is often used in construction to reinforce concrete or to prevent erosion on slopes.

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