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Knotted fence wires, also known as woven wire fence, are commonly used for agricultural, residential, and commercial applications. The main purpose of a knotted fence wire is to provide a barrier that is both strong and durable, while also being able to blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Knotted fence wires are a versatile and reliable fencing option that can be used for a wide range of applications.

Applications of KNOT FENCE

  1. Livestock and Animal Enclosures: Knotted fence wires are commonly used to create enclosures for livestock and other animals, as they provide a secure barrier that can withstand the weight and pressure of large animals.

  2. Garden and Lawn Fencing: Knotted fence wires are also used for garden and lawn fencing, as they provide a visually pleasing barrier that is both sturdy and durable.

  3. Security Fencing: Knotted fence wires can also be used for security fencing, as the tight weave of the wires provides an additional level of security against intruders.

  4. Perimeter Fencing: Knotted fence wires are often used for perimeter fencing around residential or commercial properties, as they provide a clear boundary and can be customized to match the surrounding landscape.

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